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Let’s Talk About Money, But How? A Look at the Role of Financial Socialization in Financially Transparent Communication

August 6, 2021, 1pm ET

Presenter: Emily Koochel, PhD

We have been learning about money, before we knew we were learning about money. From the early stages of life, we experience financial socialization, much of which is attributed to the incidental transfer of knowledge, establishing our individual money standards and norms that are carried into adulthood. This presentation will explore how our perceptions and normative attitudes about finances influence the exchange of privately held financial information, financial transparency. Financial therapists will learn how to assess financial transparency and identify factors that influence communication dynamics related finances.

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The Journal of Financial Therapy primarily publishes clinical, experimental, and survey research that examines the empirical link between personal financial knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors and personal and family well-being. JFT also accepts cross-sectional survey research, longitudinal and panel study research, case studies, financial therapy practice management tutorials, and literature reviews. Articles from financial therapists, both those working in academia and in practice, are welcomed.

Journal of Financial Therapy 

Volume 10, Issue 2