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Attitudinal, Behavioral and Relational Domains that May Buffer Married Couples' Negative Relationship Responses to Economic Distress

Nearly all couples will experience negative financial events and the economic pressure that they generate.  Researchers have shown a clear link between economic pressure and relationship distress.  However researchers have also demonstrated that certain factors (i.e., attitudes, individual and relationship behaviors) that allow couples to weather economic pressure resiliently.  This webinar will focus on these factors that can help couples avoid relationship distress in spite of economic pressure.

Presenter:  Jeffrey Dew, Ph.D

Jeffrey Dew is an Associate Professor in the School of Family Life at Brigham Young University. His dual-titled Ph.D. is from the Pennsylvania State University in Human Development and Family Studies and Demography.

A basic researcher, his research focuses on the association between everyday resources (e.g., money, time-use, religiosity) and family relationship outcomes (e.g., satisfaction, divorce). Although Dr. Dew is not a mental/relationship health practitioner, he has experience in the mental health arena and values outreach involving his research. For example, he spent two years working in the mental health field before going back to earn his Ph.D. He has also presented on the association between money and relationships at practitioner conferences and seminars many times, teaches a course on family finances every semester at BYU, and regularly writes public scholarship pieces that translate his findings for lay audiences.


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