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Exploring How Financial Therapy Can Aid in Financial Planning Practices

Three members from the Financial Therapy Association’s Board of Directors will discuss why and how mental health professionals can integrate financial therapy into their practice. Financial Therapy is an approach informed by both therapeutic and financial competencies that allows clients to reach their financial goals and how to attend and overcome the emotional, psychological, behavioral and relational hurdles. The webinar will focus on how research supports the presupposition that there are both interior and exterior sides to one’s relationship with money and both are important to address. The webinar will also examine how financial therapy differs similar disciplines.


Megan McCoy earned her Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Drexel University and her Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Science (with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy) from the University of Georgia. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist with extensive experience doing financial therapy in private practice and alongside financial planners at the Aspire Clinic at UGA.

Meghaan R. Lurtz is currently President of the Financial Therapy Association, In addition to her work with FTA, she is a Senior Research Associate at Kitces.com and teaches at the University of Maryland University College in their CFP program. Finally, Meghaan is also currently working on her Ph.D. in Personal Financial Planning at Kansas State University.

Edward O. Coambs is a Ph.D. student at Kansas State University in the Institute of Personal Financial Planning. He runs Carolinas Couples Counseling a therapy center dedicated to healing and treatment of couples facing the dynamic intersection of marital distress and financial distress.

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Hillary Straus 
How Jungian Therapy Can be Applied to the Financial Therapy Process
Jeffrey Dew
Attitudinal, B
ehavioral and Relational Domains that May
 Buffer Married Couples' Negative Relationship Responses to Economic Distress
Marcia Grant 
Exploring Cultural Competence Within Financial Therapy

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